Learn for Life Education Trust
Stronger together

Infant School Aims and Values

Our overall aim is to help all children develop to the best of their ability, strive to realise their potential and become confident, responsible and respectful members of the community within a supportive and caring environment.

In order to fulfil this, we aim to:

  • Enable all pupils to achieve to the best of their ability and aptitude to become the best they can be
  • Encourage all pupils to acquire and develop moral and social values, behave well, show good manners and have respect for others regardless of their gender, ethnicity, religious or cultural background
  • Create a caring community where pupils are treated with respect and thereby feel happy, confident and valued
  • Provide all pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum which will engage, challenge, motivate and inspire in them a love of learning
  • Provide pupils with a stimulating learning environment in which exciting and enjoyable lessons are delivered by high quality, well trained staff who will always encourage high aspirations
  • Encourage all pupils to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives and make a positive contribution to our local community


We have a set of core values which underpin everything we do: