The Irthlingborough & Finedon Learning Trust
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We are lucky to have some brilliant people working at Finedon Schools.

On this page you can see everyone who works in the school whether they are part of our Senior Leadership team, Teaching staff, Teaching Assistants, our Parent Support Advisor, our Admin team, our Site Supervisors or our Lunchtime staff.

Mrs Joanne Lloyd-Williams Headteacher
Finedon Infant School Finedon Mulso CE Junior School
Miss Felicity Pettitt Assistant Headteacher Miss Lucy Sadler Deputy Headteacher
The Reception Team The Year 1/2 Team The Year 3/4 Team The Year 5/6 Team
Mrs Taylor Yellow Class Teacher* Mrs Brown Purple Class Teacher Mrs Abri 3/4 AG Class Teacher * Miss Sadler 5/6 SB Class Teacher
Mrs Glynane Yellow Class Teacher * Miss Greene Blue Class Teacher Mrs Glanvill 3/4AG Class Teacher * Miss Ayres 5/6 SA Class Teacher
Miss Thomson Red Class Teacher Mrs Heaviside Green Class Teacher Miss Dangerfield 3/4 LD Class Teacher Mrs Noble 5/6 KN Class Teacher
Miss Gatward Teaching Assistant Mrs Pinnock Teaching Assistant Miss Williams 3/4 CW Class Teacher
Mrs Plant Teaching Assistant Mrs Tyler Teaching Assistant Miss Hanlon Trainee Teacher Miss Friell Trainee Teacher
Mrs Kelly Teaching Assistant * Mrs Tye Teaching Assistant Miss Swords Teaching Assistant Mrs Billson Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jackson Teaching Assistant * Mrs Dauncey Teaching Assistant Ms Case Teaching Assistant Mrs Parry Teaching Assistant
  Mrs Tofte Teaching Assistant * Mrs White Teaching Assistant Miss Smith Teaching Assistant
Mr Hawksly Teaching Assistant Mrs Hakes Teaching Assistant Mrs Smith Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hearn Teaching Assistant
Miss Clarke Cover Teacher & extra maths* Mrs Needle Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss Longstaff Higher Level Teaching Assistant Mrs Tollady Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Miss Pickering Special Needs Teaching Assistant
  Mrs Jones Additional Teacher *
  Mrs Brammer Additional Teacher *
  Mrs Clarke Additional Teacher *
  Mrs Baker Additional Teacher *
Mrs Wilkinson Infant School Administrator * Miss Wright Junior School Administator
Mrs Kelly Administration Assistant *
Lunchtime Supervisors Mrs Crossfield, Mrs Harris, Miss Campion, Mrs Ferguson, Mrs Tofte, Mrs Swann Lunchtime Supervisors Miss Griffin, Mrs Biggs, Mr Blissett, Miss Playford, Mrs Vaughan
Mr Swann Infant School Site Supervisor Mr Havlicek Junior School Site Supervisor and ICT Technician
Mrs Green Schools Business Manager*
Mrs Ellis Finedon Schools Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator*
Mrs Jewell Finedon Schools Parent Support Advisor
Apple Tree Staff – Mrs C Cox & Miss S Griffin & Mrs A Tollady

* Indicates member of staff works on a part-time basis.