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The attendance rate at the Infant School is still a cause for concern, having the worst attendance of all the Infant Schools within Northamptonshire. Last year’s attendance was 94.67% and, although better, there is still room for improvement at the Junior School, who achieved 96.4%.

We recognise that outstanding attendance and punctuality is essential for successful learning and it is the responsibility of Parents/Carers, Staff, Pupils and Governors to make sure our pupils achieve this; therefore, we closely monitor and review the attendance of every pupil.

If a child isn’t at school they are missing out on vital learning opportunities, causing gaps in their understanding for successful future learning. This table illustrates the days of lost learning:



Attendance during the school year


Equals days absent


Equals weeks absent




9 days


2 weeks




19 days


4 weeks




29 days


6 weeks




38 days


8 weeks



In an effort to further promote the importance of high rates of attendance, we are introducing an attendance cup, which will be presented to the class with the highest rate of attendance each week. In addition, we will display the weekly attendance totals for each class in school and on our school website and through regular emailed updates. Classes who achieve 100% attendance in a week will continue to receive a ‘sweet treat’.

We shall continue to reward 100% attendance each half term with a ‘100% Attendance’ pencil and entry into a draw for a £15 Amazon voucher. At the end of the year any child achieving 100% attendance will receive a special certificate.

Children with improved attendance will also be recognised with special certificates.

Although we understand that holidays are less expensive when taken in term time, this is not a reason for authorised absence from school and urge you to only book holidays during the school holidays.

We know that sometimes pupils are too poorly to come to school and, on these rare occasions, please contact the school office by 9:30 a.m. to let us know why.

Thank you to the vast majority of parents, who ensure that their children attend school on time and as often as is reasonably possible.