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Our Policies

Finedon Infant School Specific Policies

Admission Criteria

Department for Education website: information about our school

Finedon Infant School RE Policy

Finedon Infant School Uniform Policy

Finedon Mulso CE School Specific Policies

Admission Criteria

Department for Education website: information about our school

Finedon Mulso CE Junior School RE Policy

Finedon Mulso CE Junior School Uniform Policy

Finedon Schools Policies (Finedon Infant School & Finedon Mulso CE Junior School)

Joint Anti Bullying Policy

Anti Bullying Policy for Children

Joint Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Policy with amendments due to the Covid-19 Pandemic effective from 4.06.2020

Joint Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and Procedure

Joint Curriculum Policy

Joint Food & Drink Policy

Joint Handwriting Policy

Joint Health and Safety Policy

Home Learning Protocol

Joint Homework Policy

Joint Lunchtime Policy

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy

Administration of Medications Policy

Joint Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy

Joint Online Safety Policy

Joint Equality Duty - Compliance and Objectives

Joint Religious Education Policy

Uncollected Children Policy

Learning for Life Education Trust Policies

Acceptable Use Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour Statement

Charging and Remissions Policy

Complaints procedure

Curriculum Statement

Data Protection Policy

Early Years Statement

Freedom of Information Policy

Gifts and Hospitality Policy

Health and Safety Policy COVID 19

Inclusion Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Pupil Premium Statement

Safeguarding Policy

COVID-19 Safeguarding Policy FIS

COVID-19 Safeguarding Policy FMJS

Relationships, Sex and Health Education policy 2021 - (Last reviewed in June 2021 following parent and staff consultation and agreement).

Supporting Children with Medical Needs in School

Visitors Policy

Whistleblowing Policy