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Through our geography curriculum, we aim to inspire pupils to become curious and explorative thinkers who gain a diverse knowledge of the world – we teach our children to ‘think like a geographer’. During lessons, we want pupils to develop the confidence to question and observe places, measure and record data in various ways and analyse and present their findings. We encourage pupils to become resourceful, active citizens who will have the skills to contribute to and improve the world around them.

We follow the Kapow scheme of learning for geography, which encourages:

  • A strong focus on developing both geographical skills and knowledge.
  • Critical thinking, with the ability to ask perceptive questions and explain and analyse evidence.
  • The development of fieldwork skills across each year group.
  • A deep interest and knowledge of pupils’ locality and how it differs from other areas of the world.
  • A growing understanding of geographical terms and vocabulary.

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Please note, for Y1 and Y2, and Y3 and Y4 we work on a two-year rolling programme. Cycle A is 2022-23 and Cycle B is 2023-24.