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Religious Education

We follow the Diocese of Peterborough Syllabus for Religious Education using the Understanding Christianity resource to support the teaching of Christianity.

The syllabus helps children encounter core concepts in a coherent way, developing their understanding and their ability to hold balanced and informed conversations about religions and beliefs.

We encourage pupils to appreciate the distinctive nature of religion within human experience, develop and articulate their personal beliefs, ideas, values and experiences, whilst respecting the right of others to differ.

Our learning about Christianity uses the ‘Understanding Christianity’ resource.

By addressing key questions, Understanding Christianity enables pupils to know about and understand Christianity as a living world faith, by exploring core Bible texts, examining the impact for Christians and considering possible implications.

Pupils develop their ability to connect, critically reflect upon, evaluate and apply their learning to their own growing understanding of religion and belief, of themselves, the world and human experience.

In EYFS, teaching and learning is based around the children developing a sense of awareness of self, their own community and their place within this. Children will encounter Christianity and other faiths throughout the world.

In KS1, children study Christianity, Judaism and Islam. In KS2, children study Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism and Judaism.

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Please note, for Y1 and Y2, and Y3 and Y4 we work on a two-year rolling programme. Cycle A is 2022-23 and Cycle B is 2023-24.

For more detail on each subject area, please see the individual year group files below:

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