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Story time

Below are a selection of story time videos for you all to enjoy from some faces you might recognise!  

The Kissing Hand - Mrs Yates

Oi Frog - Mrs Rae

While we can't hug - Miss Booth

Elmer - Miss Ward

The Disgusting Sandwich - Mrs Lundy

The Way Home for Wolf - Miss Williams

Leon and the Place Between - Miss Homer

Our Cat Cuddles - Mrs Lloyd-Williams

Mrs Quincey - Commotion in the Ocean

Mrs McLellan - How to Catch a Star

Miss MacDonald - Somebody Swallowed Stanley

Farmer Duck - Miss Gatward

There Little Wolves  & the Big Bad Pig - Mrs Ielapi

Funnybones - Mr Woolgar

The Wolf's Story - Mrs Brammer

Little Red Riding Hood - Miss Friell

The Bear and the Piano - Miss Wills

The Pig's Knickers - Mrs Richards

Mrs McLellan - Room on the Broom

Mrs Ielapi - The Tin Forest

Miss Pettitt- Michael Recycle

Barry the Fish with Fingers - Mrs Pinnock

How big is a million? - Miss MacDonald

The Visitor - Mrs Callnon

The Jolly Postman - Miss Howe

The Lion Inside - Mrs Tollady

The Gingerbread Man - Mrs Brown

Mrs Heaviside - The Bug Collector

Mrs Brown - Doughnuts for a Dragon

Mrs Lundy - Dear Dinosaur